Rosie Tucker ‘Spinster Cycle’

I’m back! I meant to write a blog post yesterday but the mountain of emails waiting in my inbox soon put a stop to anything as frivolous as reviewing music. I arrived back in the office two days later than everyone else as I couldn’t get a flight back from Italy until last Friday (a reasonably priced one at least). Christmas in Italy was a dream. We spent New Years Eve in Trentino Alto-Adige, which is a mountainous area bordering Austria, with snow carpeting the ground up to my thighs and packed cafes full of boisterous Alpine types kitted out in Wham-esque ski gear, necking espressos and warming their hands by the radiators. Unfortunately, I came down with some intense flu (perhaps the dreaded Aussie flu everyone has been talking about) and I could hardly swallow water, meaning I didn’t make it until midnight on New Years Eve. Saying that, I did get to go on a horse drawn sleigh, and impress my boyfriend with my patchy Italian so it wasn’t a complete disaster. I’m slowly easing myself back into the music world with the latest release from LA songwriter Rosie Tucker. ‘Spinster Cycle‘ evokes the bleak drabness of a floral-walled late night laundromat visit, with fuzzy guitars, lo-fi drums, and Tucker’s sometimes gravelly, sometimes crystalline vocal. As the track builds to a dizzying frenzy, riffs become more frenetic and vocals more urgent, as Tucker repeats ‘our colours bleed’ again and again, seemingly spinning out of control and then back to normality. A bit like how I imagine being stuck in a spin cycle would feel. Enjoy.

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