From the top left corner going clock-wise we’ve got:
***drum roll***
Millie, Ach, Lana, Rob, Olivia, Nick, Lise & Cecilia

AchManchester Orchestra ‘Black Mile To The Surface’
Olivia: Her’s ‘Song’s Of Her’s’
Rob: Phoebe Bridgers ‘Stranger In The Alps’
Lise: VÉRITÉ ‘Somewhere in Between’
Lana: Tyler, The Creator ‘911/Mr. Lonely’
Nick: Temples ‘Volcano’
Cecilia: Deaf Havana ‘All These Countless Nights’
Millie: The XX ‘I see you’
Ach: Annabel Allum ‘Eat Greens’
Olivia: Harley Alexander Tiny Bricks’
Rob: Carly Rae Jepson ‘Cut To The Feeling’
LiseLorde ‘Green Light’
Lana: Aldous Harding ‘Party’
Nick: Palm Honey ‘I Can Try’
CeciliaThe Maine ‘How Do You Feel’
Ach: Bad Pop ‘Bad Pop’
Olivia: Charli XCX ‘Boys’
Rob: Enter Shikari ‘Live Outside’
Lise: Dua Lipa ‘New Rules’
Millie: The XX ‘On Hold’ 
Lana: Charli XCX ‘Boys’
Nick: Jerkcurb ‘Voodoo Saloon’
Cecilia: Lorde ‘Green Light’
 Ach: Queens Of The Stone Age @ Wembley Arena
Olivia: Ponteix @ Breakout West 2017
Rob: Sigur Ros @ Hammersmith Apollo
Lise: Ellie Goulding in aid of Streets of London @ Royal Albert Hall
Lana: Avalon Emerson @ Middlesex Lounge / Aldous Harding @ SXSW
Nick: Ritual Union Festival
Cecilia: The Killers @ BST Hyde Park
Millie: Stormzy

Ach: Realising I had spent the majority of interviews for our management assistant just talking to myself
Olivia: Trying and failing to reign in Draper’s nonsense on our Demolition Day live stream
Rob: That kid cruising in on her dad doing a live BBC News interview, without a care in the world.
Lise: When Katy Perry’s backing dancer – dressed as a house – fell off stage at the Brit Awards
Lana: cookie in a milk cup
Nick: Being considerably under the influence at a Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi DJ night
Cecilia: Just generally whenever I cannot get my words together properly and I end up with sentences that make absolutely no sense (I’m Italian, it’s not my fault…..)
Millie: Getting on a Camel

Ach: Getting through the year in one piece generally speaking; more specifically I was damn proud when Draper signed his Nettwerk deal and also when Annabel Allum landed the Beth Ditto EU tour.
Olivia: My first articles being published in print for Croco magazine! Also becoming label manager at Killing Moon 🙂
Rob: Surviving.
Lise: Getting an internship at Killing Moon
Lana: Personal Record set for “Still on kitchen counter, not yet rotten” in “Farmer’s Market Acorn Squash” [Duration: 10 weeks] Nick: Having my bass playing appear on telly for all of three seconds
Cecilia: Graduating without having a mental breakdown 😀 and finding a job in my dream field with such nice people around!
Millie: Bad Pop Album Artwork

Ach: Spending an entire evening sat next to Mark Radcliffe whilst watching The National at Hammersmith Apollo and talking to him about the merits of solo kayaking because I thought he was Sir Steve Redgrave. To be fair, Mark still had some chat about it.
Olivia: Gemma Collins falling through the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. Also Fyre Festival. LOL
Rob: My life.
Lise: Kendall Jenner thinking she can achieve world peace with a can of Pepsi
Lana: Someone booking DJ Khaled @EDC Las Vegas
Nick: The technical hitches faced weekly on Demolition Day
Cecilia: I’ll have to agree with Olivia on Fyre festival + the Oscars for Best picture being handed to the wrong movie (& Ryan Goslin’s reaction)
Millie: Running into a wall and impaling myself with my squash racket

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Posted by Killing Moon on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Thanks for a brilliant 2017 and to anyone who has ever read one of these mailshots or a blog post, bought a record, come to one of our shows or checked out any of the artists that we work with. We can’t do this without you.

A special thank you to the artists, managers, labels, publishers, agents, promoters, venue staff/band crew and anyone else that we’ve encountered this year that’s made our lives a bit more pleasurable.

Stay tuned for an incredible 2018. 


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