Kane Strang ‘Silence Overgrown’

Today my boyfriend left our flat to go home to his family for Christmas. I can’t help but feel a little resentful. How dare he leave me all alone? At Christmas of all times?! The truth is, I’m flying to Italy on Saturday to be with my family, so it’s not exactly a huge stretch of time to myself. I’m leaving the cat in the care of my neighbour (poor kitty – she will definitely poo on my bed in protest) so I can hardly talk about abandoning people during the holidays. Still, I’m not looking forward to being alone over the next few days. It’s funny how we often end up spending Christmas apart from the people we care about; maybe out of a sense of duty to family tradition, or even because we genuinely need a break from our other, better halves. It seems pretty backward to me. Can’t we make Christmas a joint affair where the families of our partners and our friends all synthesise into one mega-fam, a giant symbiotic mass of badly knitted jumpers and love, each outstretched wool clad arm pushing a tray of mince pies into your own despite your protestations? On second thought, that’s sounds really exhausting. Let’s all fall asleep in front of our respective tellies and hook up again in January. Anyway, right now I’m listening to ‘Silence Overgrown‘ from New Zealand artist Kane Strang. Sublimely self deprecating, the track features yo-yoing guitar riffs, metallic synth keyboards and slacker rock drums, with Strang’s jolty vocal melody belying his often devastatingly frank lyrics. Enjoy.

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