Nots ‘Reactor’

(NB: I’ve just realised this track came out in 2014, so it’s not exactly the up to the minute stuff you’re used to. Saying that, I’ve written the blog post now so you’re gonna have to lump it)

I’m so tired I could cry. In fact I did cry last night. I was so sleepy I couldn’t bear to drag myself from the sofa and into the shower; the very thought of which was enough to reduce me to tears and start berating my boyfriend – ‘I never see you!’ (he was sat next to me), ‘you don’t care about me!’ (wailed as he patted my shoulder), ‘I’m more stressed than you are!’ (he had just finished a huge project). Yeah, I know I am a twat. I know this because I didn’t go to bed until 1 in the morning, despite being so tired. This happens to me every night – I spend all day dreaming of curling up in my duvet and catching some zzz’s, but I begin to wake up at around 11pm and all I want to do is stay up playing video games and watching The Crown. Anyway, I’m trying to stay awake today, at least conscious enough to participate in our office’s Christmas party, so I’m listening to some catchy as hell punk rock courtesy of Nots. Old school punk riffs dominate the track whilst up to date electronic disturbance adds a little modern texture, with punchy vocals tying the whole thing together. Enjoy.

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