Chemtrails ‘Watch Evil Grow’

I really hate the receptionist at my GP. I know it’s not exactly in good taste to criticise those who work for the NHS, but this one particular woman really gets on my nerves. She just clearly hates her job and I have no idea why she does it. Whenever you phone up for an appointment she makes you feel as though you are wasting everyone’s time, and that whatever ailment you have is not severe enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. I know all too well the pressure that time-wasters put on the NHS (my mum was a paramedic, and before that, a nurse), but putting people off from getting the healthcare they need will surely just put more strain on the NHS later down the line when unchecked minor ailments become something much more serious. The GP practise in question is always very quiet – a sharp contrast to my previous doctor in Catford, which was usually full to the brim with walk ins ranging from new mothers to the area’s well known alcoholics, emotions always running high, and small children weaving in and out of your legs as you spend whole afternoons waiting to be seen. Yet, the staff here were always completely friendly and professional; they never made you feel as though your issue was unimportant, despite the huge demand on their services – which makes the offending receptionist’s behaviour even more baffling. While we’re at it, I also hate the weird shop assistant at Sainsbury’s who spent two minutes too long staring at me last night when I asked him for help (my boyfriend and I refer to him as Captain Anus because he sucks and he always makes a scene if your self service till isn’t working). Oh, oh, and I especially hate the old lady who gets on my train and pushes to the front of the queue every morning and looks so fucking smug about it. You know what these people have in common? BEACONSFIELD. I’m not trying to alienate an entire town, but I have literally never encountered so many irritants in such a small geographical area. I’m convinced they are all part of a weird Freemasons cult/ are secret lizard overlords and me and my boyfriend are going to be topped off one day by an old man dressed in a long white robe because we don’t fit the status quo. If anything happens to me, you know who to ask first. That’s all I’m saying. There’s an evil about the place, and all the other Londoners who move there know exactly what I mean. Rather appropriately, I’m listening to Chemtrails, and their new single ‘Watch Evil Grow‘. Scuzzy guitar riffs and urgent drums compliment totally current lo-fi vocals in this wonderful blend of kitschy garage-pop and indie rock frenetics. Speaking of the track, the band says:

“Watch Evil Grow is about how postmodernism has ripped the teeth out of the counterculture over the last 30 years. Everything is ironic; everything is irreverent; nothing is worth taking seriously. All the while there’s real evil growing in this world – although I admit that I’m not sure what to do about it”.

Amen sisters.

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