Tennis Club ‘Lovely Haircut’

I put up my Christmas decorations on Sunday. This year I’ve gone for a minimalist approach (as in, I can’t be bothered to get a tree), so I just sellotaped some fairy lights around our bedroom door frame and artfully hung baubles around the flat. I also dug out our ‘Christmas rug’, not actually bought for this reason, but deemed to grubby for year-round use, but festive enough for the next three weeks. All was going well until my cat promptly vomited on sed rug, adding her own unique mark to the faux Persian pattern. It still looks pretty good though. Warm, some would say. Inviting, even? Either way, it’s only been for my benefit because my boyfriend has been working all day, every day for the last week or so, meaning that we only have the briefest of moments together in between his return at 11:30 PM and my strict bedtime (midnight). I’m sure I speak for both of us (and indeed everyone at Killing Moon) when I say that the holiday break could not come soon enough, so we can enjoy these cosy little evenings together. For now, I’m listening to the new single ‘Lovely Haircut‘ from Missouri garage band Tennis Club, a kitschy little slice of lo fi indie rock goodness. With fuzzy vocals and noise laden guitars, this track pushes the boundaries of how lo-fi you can really go whilst still retaining enough sharpness for the melody to come through – and Tennis Club just about manage to walk this fine line between obscurity and laidback coolness. Enjoy.

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