Holy Motors ‘Honeymooning’

I’m so bloody cold. I’m sat here with a scarf draped around my shoulders, only extending my hands outside my cocoon the absolute minimum required distance to reach my keyboard, and even that is too much exposed flesh for my liking. If there was ever a day made for duvets, it is this day. I’m 100% certain that if I lay my head down on a pillow and shut my eyes, I would be asleep in milliseconds. Nanoseconds, even. God I want to go to sleep so badly. That’s not to say my work isn’t interesting (sometimes the boss man reads this), it’s just that my eyes are super heavy and I can’t stop thinking about bed time tonight. I’m so excited to get into a pair of warm pyjamas, crawl under the covers, and listen to the sound of my cat purring like a little motor beside me – which leads me neatly on to today’s Track Of The Day, which comes courtesy of Estonian shoegaze band Holy Motors. The new single ‘Honeymooning’ is the first track on their debut album ‘Slow Sundown‘, which is out in February 2018 via Wharf Cat. With swathes of reverb applied to repetitive guitar riffs and hazy synths, this is a slow burner of a track, featuring simple vocal melodies and gothic soundscapes. Enjoy.

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