Sports Team ‘Stanton’

I had a blissful weekend spent doing nothing much more than sitting on the sofa and playing video games, and as  result I’m feeling pretty replenished. I used to be the kind of person who had to squeeze in as much as possible into the weekend, but now I am perfectly content to get in on a Friday night and not leave the flat again until Monday morning. Granted, it does make the transition back to work at the start of the week a little more difficult, but sometimes there is nothing better for your mental and physical health than doing nothing. I am a professional procrastinator these days, especially now that we are all starting to wind down in anticipation of the Christmas holidays – they actually can’t come soon enough. I’ll be spending Christmas in Italy with my family this year, and I fully intend to switch off from the digital world for two weeks, emerging youthful and energised like a newly hatched butterfly peeling off the sticky layers of its former terrestrial self. I’m going to walk my dog every day in the shadow of the mountains that surround our village. I’m going to watch Christmas films and cook for my family, and on New Years Eve I’m going to party with the Italians, far away from the usual FOMO that plagues the festive season when you’re in London with nothing to do. I’m going to buy a sparkly black dress and wear it underneath a huge padded coat and layers upon layers of thick woolly jumpers. I’m going to listen to Wham at full volume all day every day. I CAN’T WAIT. As much as I would like to start winding down now, there is work to be done, so I am listening to the debut track from London band Sports Team to get me through the day. ‘Stanton’ is a blues influenced slice of jangly indie rock, with slinky guitar riffs and helter-skelter time signatures, compounded by lead singer Alex Rice’s commanding vocal as he repeatedly screeches ‘flip screen Motorola’ (those were the days). Think Trudy And The Romance meets Elbow with a shade of sixties psychedelia thrown in and you’re basically there. Enjoy.

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