The Innocence Mission ‘The Snow On Pi Day’

I’m feeling a lot more positive today. Yesterday was all about self care, so in between emails I treated myself to some extremely long Spelunky sessions (its a PS4 game, get your mind out of the gutter), a gorgeous new notebook for work, and a seaweed face mask in the evening. It paid off, and today I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work – dare I say, even optimistic? New stationary has a funny way of making you feel like your in control of your own destiny – maybe that’s just me. I was once described as a ‘stationary queen’ by a university lecturer, and he wasn’t wrong. To me, nothing beats a new fine liner, a crisp clear page of a blank notebook, or the careful arrangement of a new folder. Saying that, hearing some really interesting new music comes in a close second to my stationary fetish – enter The Innocence Mission, an alternative folk project from Pennsylvania. I hadn’t come across them before, but as soon as I heard the opening bars of their new single ‘The Snow On Pi Day, I was intrigued by their sparse instrumentation and Joanna Newsom style vocals courtesy of lead singer Karen Peris. With dark, woody guitar, simple melodies, and enchanting piano accents the track immediately evokes quiet winter days where all sound is dulled by fresh snowfall. Watery chimes add a fairytale ‘otherness’ to the soundscape, making this the perfect track to cosy up to as Christmas draws ever closer. Enjoy.

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