Luna Shadows ‘Youth’

This weekend I went to Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire for a walk around it’s expansive gardens. The mansion itself is an Italianate stately home built in 1851, which served as a meeting place for political intellectuals in the 1920’s.Now it’s mainly occupied by tourists and families trying to inject a bit of culture into their kid’s weekend, but the manicured lawns and faux renaissance architecture betrays a glitzier past. As I was walking around the grounds I imagined the kind of parties that must have taken place there; flapper girls in tasselled dresses and feathered headbands, men in brogues and expensive suits, everyone dancing the Charleston…maybe I am romanticising the period, but there was a definite Gatsby vibe about the place.  I spent a lot of yesterday daydreaming and today is no different – only today I am listening to the new Luna Shadows track ‘Youth‘, taken from her eponymous new EP. The new track is a shimmering shard of melancholic indie pop, with fragmented synths, glimmering vocals and sparse beats – if the glitterati of the 1920’s were partying today, I have no doubt this is what they would be listening to. Enjoy.

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