Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes ‘Swim Deep’

I really love buying new clothes. Some people spend their money on eating out, or going to the cinema, but for me, it is always going to be clothes. There is something so very therapeutic about wandering along the racks bursting with clothes, particularly at this time of year when shops are stocked with luxurious silks and soft wool jumpers. Okay, I may be romanticising here (Primark is of course still fully on board the polyester train), but when I walk into my favourite shop (Zara FYI), I am transported to another plane of spiritual oneness. Even the tedium of trying things on is deeply relaxing, especially when you find The One, as I did on Sunday. Having already tried on six different items, I wandered back onto the shop floor, and there it was, an ankle length dress in heavy cotton, with an abstract check pattern in oranges and greys. Warm enough for winter and cut to skim the body rather than cling (important for those of us that never bought into the bodycon fad of  few years ago), plus an asymmetric hem that shows off the tops of my heavy duty work boots, this was the dress that would solve all my problems. It didn’t of course, but it does make me feel pretty bomb when I’m swishing the hemline down the street, and if we can’t enjoy such simple pleasures, why even carry on living? As someone who is pretty much as lefty as you can get without going full on Communist, I do kind of buy into capitalism – but unless you avoid coffee chains like the plague, don’t @ me. We’ve got to find happiness wherever we can, especially when other parts of life aren’t going particularly well. Something else that is bringing me a little bit of happiness is Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes (yes that is a band name, and no I don’t fancy Steve Buscemi, that award goes solely to Alex Lawther), whose new single ‘Swim Deep‘ is a dreamy four minutes of pop goodness. With soaring synths, moody bass lines, and cymbals so crisp you could cut your teeth on them, the new track features London Grammar-esque vocals and hooky pop choruses. Dive in and enjoy.

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