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Headclouds ‘Seen It Before’

Recently I’ve been watching ‘The End Of The F*****g World’ on Channel 4, a new drama that follows a teenage couple with psychopathic tendencies as they run away from home. It has quickly become on of my favourite programmes ever, not least because it stars Alex Lawther, who is my crush du jour, of the month, of my life. It’s extremely rare for me to become so infatuated with an actor, but even thinking about him makes me blush uncontrollably. Googling pictures of him makes me feel embarrassed like a school girl. I think part of the appeal is that he looks a little bit like my boyfriend, and shares some of his mannerisms, plus his tendency to play tortured, sad-boi types only entices me further. I’ve heard from a reliable source that he likes to kayak down Camden Lock – would it be weird to walk down the road and wait at the bridge for him to pass underneath? What would I do if he did? If anything, I think I’m more likely to avoid that part of town now, so unfathomable is the idea of seeing him in the flesh floating down the canal in the glorious November sunshine. In fact, I literally can’t imagine anything worse than meeting him. God forbid he ever sees this blog post. Anyway, since it is such a sunny day, I’m listening to some summery indie pop courtesy of Newcastle outfit Headclouds. Their new single ‘Seen It Before‘ is a lilting, jangly lo fi track, swathed in haze and fuzz, bringing back memories of the summer days that seem so far away now. Enjoy.

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