Hot Dad ‘My Sweet Jax’

Pet ownership is a great thing. Or companionship, I should say, as nobody should really own a living thing – and besides, when you’re picking up your cat’s shit in a little plastic bag, who owns who? It’s incredibly rewarding, frustrating, hilarious, and heart warming all at the same time. This small, furry (usually) creature trusts you with every facet of its life; its food, its warmth, its entertainment, and yes, its bathroom facilities. Having a pet can also be devastating, as they, like all things must die at some point, and sadly, the animals we choose as companions usually live only a fraction of our lifespan. It’s part of the contract we sign with the cosmos when we welcome an animal into our lives; knowing that this time will be precious, but ultimately, far too short. Unless you have a predilection for tortoises of course, in which case, party on – you’ve beaten the system. But, for those of us who tend to gravitate towards the mammalian side of the coin, we have to accept the crushing inevitability of death that guides all loved animals over the rainbow bridge at some time or another – you may think this is all a long winded way of saying my pets have died, but it’s not, they are fine. It’s actually a long winded way of introducing today’s Track Of The Day, which my boyfriend stumbled upon last night. ‘My Sweet Jax‘ is the latest single from Hot Dad, a comedy songwriter whose newest offering is surprisingly heart-wrenching. Seven minutes long, and worth every minute of it, the track is a funny and heartwarming ode to his late cat Jax, with a wonderful video to boot. Enjoy the far too long guitar solo and try not to cry.

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