Me And The Moon ‘Standing Still’

It’s been a busy old week. Between the meetings, live shows, and industry events, I’ve hardly found a moment to be still. Last night I went to a panel hosted by the PRS about the applications of virtual reality in the music industry, from promotion to live performance. Whilst it was interesting to speculate on the possibilities, I think that it was a little speculation heavy – the most interesting part of the talk was hearing from artist Chagall, who is already using virtual reality in her performances to trigger samples and lighting. What a shame then, that she was the only woman to appear on a panel of nine (which also didn’t include any other minorities may I add). I’m fairly sure there are women working in VR, and there are definitely women working in the music industry (I should know, I’m one of them) – is it really that hard to find four of them? I’ll make it easier for you, here’s one I prepared earlier – Tamara Jane of Me and The Moon kills it on their latest single, ‘Standing Still‘. Formed by her and band mates Jonny Elstone and Alex Archer, Me and The Moon debut single is a punchy slice of hook laden indie pop, with jangly guitars, jittering drums, and choruses you can’t help but sing along with. Enjoy.

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