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Phoenix And The Flower Girl ‘For…’

Lately I’ve been feeling a little down in the mouth. I’m not sure if it’s the nights drawing closer, the cold weather, the fact that I’m watching a lot of Stranger Things, or a combination of all the above, but something about this time of year makes me feel a bit down. It also marks a particularly difficult anniversary for me. I try to embrace it, and use this time as a period of reflection, telling myself it’s okay to not be okay, as I do every November – but as each year comes and goes, the general feeling of sadness is compounded by a niggling guilt that every year I’m actually a bit more okay than the last. I am genuinely sorry if this comes across as cryptic, but I’m not exactly a ‘sharer’, and talking about things in the abstract makes it easier for me to deal with my feelings. I also kind of like to wallow, which is why I’ve been watching the new video from audio-visual duo Phoenix And The Flower Girl. Taken from their latest EP ‘Greenhouse’, ‘For…‘ is an atmospheric piece of future RnB with shuffling beats, sultry synths, and melodic jazz inspired vocals. The accompanying video is certainly a tear-jerker, as it follows ‘a young couple struggling with depression and coping with death which explores the often polarising juxtaposition of love and guilt’ according to director Theo Davies. Enjoy.

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