PLYA ‘Thinking Of You’

I am extremely busy today. It feels like a weeks’ worth of work has suddenly come in all at once, and I think a lot of people are feeling the same way. You may think I’m stressed, but you would be wrong. I mean, I’m mildly stressed, but I’m not exactly on the verge of cardiac arrest – it’s more of a background hum, a tap left on to drip, much like the cortisol slowly seeping through my body. The reason I am not catatonic with sheer tension of it all is because I write out a list of all the things I need to do every morning, and every time I strike a line through one of them I feel a knot in my back start to unravel. An clogged artery loosen. An aneurysm reabsorb into my brain. Anyway, today I’m listening to the new track ‘Thinking Of You‘ from our good friends PLYA, a cacophonous synth heavy slice of electro pop. With shimmery synths, ethereal vocals, and a strong dance beat, the new single is accompanied by a high spec (and surprisingly emotional) music video. Enjoy (and try not to have an aneurysm).

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