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Death and the Penguin ‘Kill Saatchi’

Happy Halloween everybody. I love this time of year, but sadly I am not really celebrating in any meaningful way – except maybe with a healthy binge of the new series of Stranger Things tonight and a lovely hot shower (it’s bloody freezing today and my month long cold is holding strong). Speaking of spooky Netflix series, I’ve been watching Mindhunter recently, based on the FBI’s early investigations into serial killers in the 1970s. Shockingly, before this time the FBI hadn’t often encountered (or at least acknowledged) those who kill for pleasure rather than for lust, greed, or anger – everything changed of course after Charles Manson incited a notorious mass suicide of his cult following in the late 60’s. The series follows FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench as they interview imprisoned serial killers like Edward Kemper in an effort to understand the motives behind their crimes and how circumstances played a role in shaping their personalities. It’s pretty gripping, especially if you find serial killers as fascinating as I do. Staying on the murderous theme, today’s Track Of The Day is ‘Kill Saatchi‘ from math rock newcomers Death and the Penguin. Killer vocal harmonies are set against angular, mathematic guitar riffs in alarming dissonance, as mile-a-minute drums navigate complex time signatures. Of the track, frontman Tobias Smith says:

“Well, we’re probably going to get sued for this one. Though we wish the Saatchi clan no harm, they and their brand represent the machinery that produces the falsehoods that colour our perceptions of ourselves and the world. I feel that these images taint our relationships with one another, and drive the consumption that poisons our water and blackens our air.”

So, disclaimer: this is not a green light to go an murder a Saatchi. Or anyone for that matter. Enjoy.

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