Pink Kink ‘Munchie Magic’

I can’t be the only person who feels amazing now that the clocks have gone back. That extra hour in bed sounds like nothing, but it has done wonders for my circadian rhythm and for my punctuality (today has to be the first time I haven’t run for the train in months). Although daylight saving time is something we humans have arbitrarily assigned to the solar calendar (but then again, time itself doesn’t actually exist as we know it) it feels like the weather has quickly followed suit and lowered the temperature by a good few degrees. The result is that it feels positively baltic today in London. People in my office need not even go outside for an indication of the weather; if I am wearing my emergency office hoodie that I poached from the lost and found pile, you can be pretty sure that it’s less than balmy outside. Sitting still at a desk doesn;t exactly help the situation, but for those lucky few of you who a) aren’t at work today or b) work from home, a little bit of exercise will work wonders on those chilly extremities. If you are exercising/dancing/hoovering your flat today, may I suggest you listen to ‘Munchie Magic’ from bonkers Liverpool band Pink Kink – an irreverent food-themed indie punk jaunt that is bound to get you moving. With twangy guitar riffs, rolling drums and raucous vocals, it’s near impossible to chant along as they sing about ‘tangy cheesy pizza boyfriends’ and ‘yummy creamy kinky watermelon girlfriends’. I dare you to not to shout the lyrics at your significant other/pet/pot plant later tonight – I know for a fact I will be.

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