I’ve always liked the idea of ‘happy-sad’ things. Films, art, books, music – something about a not-quite-happily-ever-after ending is appealing in a strange, almost masochistic way, and I believe a lot of us take pleasure in it. After all, many of us will watch a film that makes us cry ever time without fail for the sheer enjoyment of it, and we torture ourselves with love songs when we go through breakups. Maybe we enjoy it so much because it reflects real life more accurately than anything as black and white as ‘happy’ or ‘sad’, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – life is rarely that simple. We operate in shades of grey most of the time, whether a perfect day is hindered by a niggling discomfort in the back of your mind, or you find yourself laughing at a funny memory in the middle of a funeral. Someone who knows this all too well is Indian born, London-based musician Alluri, whose latest single can only be described as a ‘happy breakup song’. Sung in his native Telugu, Endukala features shuffling drums, confessional lyrics, and a euphoric brass section that lends the song a retro feel. Following his last release ‘Evari Kosam’, the latest single signals a bold new sound for Alluri, who is set to embark on a busy few months of live shows – kicking it off with a free entry single launch show at The Islington on the 7th November. I for one can’t wait to see this perfectly crafted, indie rock track in the flesh. Enjoy. 



7th November – The Islington, London –  FREE TICKETS

7th December – Transmusicales Festival – Renne, France 

10th December – NH7 Weekender Pune  India 

13th December – Hyderabad – Heart Cup Coffee, Kondpur  

14th December – Bangalore – Humming Tree, Bangalore  


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