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Flat Worms ‘Motorbike’

I had a really relaxing weekend. I went out on Friday night, so Saturday was spent feeling a little hungover, but otherwise it was idyllic. In the evening my partner and I decided to make pizzas from scratch, which turned out surprisingly good. All that kneading and bashing does wonders for stress, and there are few things more satisfying that watching the dough rise and bubble in the hot oven. We overestimated how much dough we would need, so the day after I cut out the leftovers into rings and fried them – a little cinnamon and sugar, and voila, you have donuts. I’m a bit of a domestic goddess in case you hadn’t noticed. Anyway, I’m back to work today, so I’m leaving the culinary life behind for some rock n roll courtesy of garage punk band Flat Worms.Motorbike‘ is the new single from the LA trio, taken from their debut self-titled album, which has been called ‘one of the best albums of the year’ by Rough Trade. Fuzzy, raucous, and full to the brim of euphoric guitar riffs, ‘Motorbike’ demonstrates that this band is definitely one to watch. Enjoy.

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