Apparently there is a storm on the way. Storm Brian to be exact (Arctic Monkey’s fans all over the world are rejoicing right now). It does seem a little moody outside, and I am a little excited to spend tomorrow wrapped up in a blanket whilst it literally blows a gale down the street. That may seem a little insensitive considering the number of casualties caused by Storm Ophelia earlier this week in Ireland, but I can’t deny my love for a good storm. It’s the perfect excuse to curl up with some hot chocolate and my cat on my lap, which, after all, is the best way to spend a Saturday. However, right now I am listening to the latest offering from Oxford band BE GOOD, in the form of their new single ‘Nightbus’. An ode to nights out in the city and dark cruises on the nightbus, the track features watery guitar riffs, meandering bass lines, and ethereal cymbal crashes. Lyrics are self deprecating and a little sleazy, perfectly encapsulating the simultaneous euphoria and resignation of a drunken journey home on the night bus. It’s Friday, and I’m sure many of you will be doing that exact thing tonight – enjoy.

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