Harley Alexander ‘Tiny Bricks’

It’s been dark since around 3pm in London – we are drawing ever closer to winter and it feels it, except for the weirdly humid air in the city. In the summer everything feels lighter and more optimistic, but as the days grow colder it’s increasingly easy to withdraw into yourself. Some people call this S.A.D, and I’m sure most people are aware of experiencing this without the need for an official diagnosis. You may think I’m complaining, but I’m not. I love being sad, being sad makes me happy – a lot of people don’t get this, but there is something exquisitely self indulgent about sitting still for long periods of time and pondering life and its intricacies. I imagine myself to be some French ingenue with artfully messy hair from a black and white film, taking long, slow drags on cigarettes and watching people passing by over a cup of coffee (black) – in reality my hair is more likely to break a comb than give off a ‘come hither’ vibe, and I usually spill the coffee (Starbucks) all over my hands when I’m walking to work. A girl can dream though. While I’m dreaming, I’ll be listening to Harley Alexander, and his new single ‘Tiny Bricks‘. Gently shuddering percussion, otherworldly synth accents, and softly strummed acoustic guitar provide the perfect backdrop to Alexander’s vulnerable vocal delivery, allowing his moving lyrics to shine. Enjoy.

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