Kirin J Callinan ‘S. A. D’

There is a definite apocalyptic vibe hanging over London and much of the UK today. As Hurricane Ophelia (although now apparently downgraded to a mere storm) wreaks a path of destruction through Ireland and the north-west, Londoners are enjoying unseasonably balmy temperatures today. This morning was particularly warm and sunny, but now the sky has clouded over and the winds are beginning to pick up and whip the falling leaves into a frenzy. I’m looking out the big windows of our office now, and it seems that the sky has taken on a strange orange hue, which apparently is due to the high winds carrying dust from the Sahara – many people have posted photos of a disarmingly red sun hovering strangely in the sky to the internet. I’m feeling strange myself today; I still don’t feel entirely well since having to go home with a headache last Friday. Although the headache is gone, I’m feeling quite dizzy and generally weird, and as such, I am listening to some really weird music to match my mood. Enter Kirin J Callinan, the Aussie troubadour who is taking the piss out of the music industry, one idiosyncratic song at a time. ‘S. A. D.’ (Song About Drugs) is one of the weirdest in his arsenal, a stadium synth ode to taking drugs as Callinan speak-sings in a faux Euro drawl. Beneath the silliness of his music, there is a real propensity for beautifully crafted songwriting and complex harmonic cadences. Overall, it’s the perfect thing to listen to on such a weird day.

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