I’ve spent most of today sat in a darkened room nursing a headache that has been raging since yesterday afternoon. One by one, the people in our office have been dropping like flies – but I suspect that tiredness is to blame rather than any real illness. I can certainly attest to that, but this shouldn’t be taken to mean I am exceptionally busy; waking up at any time before 10 means I’m wiped out by the afternoon. Part of that is due to my own laziness, but it’s also partly due to having low iron, which makes me feel lethargic and tired at the best of times (I’m supposed to take supplements but I can’t stand the taste). I wish I could be one of those people who rise early in the morning and don’t get withdrawal headaches when they skip their morning coffee, who see the frigid chill of daybreak as bracing, who hop out of their warm covers and straight into their work out clothes without hesitation. I don’t think I will ever be one of those people – I love sleeping too much. It doesn’t matter what time I wake up, I am always nearly late for my train into work. In order to function, I desperately depend upon those little acts of self care; washing my face and  putting on my makeup, slowly bolding my brows, sipping my coffee and watching Frasier re-runs on Channel 4. Snuggling up with my cat is another, as is listening to some really good music. Luckily for me, New Moons alumni Luke Martinez has just released a sumptuous shoegazey track called ‘Drown In’, complete with distorted synths, rumbling bass, and melancholic guitar riffs. Martinez is no stranger to broaching difficult subjects in his music, having previously explored his experiences of being Latinx, queer, and ‘othered’ from mainstream society, and this track is no exception. Sung in his crystalline vocal, the new track embodies the aftermath of romantic infatuation and a result lack of confidence in pursuing future love. Nuanced and full of textural delights, this track is just about good enough to drown yourself in. Enjoy.

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