curtains don’t crack ‘hands off’

So it turns out Harvey Weinstein is a mega-creep. Who knew? Actually, it seems a lot of people knew. A lot of victims who felt pressured into keeping quiet (which is totally understandable), and a lot of enablers who allowed it to carry on for so long. The ‘revelation’ that Weinstein had been using his power to coerce women into uncomfortable and often frightening situations has added another name to the long list of sexually predacious Hollywood big wigs who get away with harming people because they have a lot of money and influence. With these horror stories coming to light so frequently (a collective reminder that the US president can’t keep his hands to himself) it seems pertinent that we celebrate women who are reclaiming their power, whether its through art, music, or just by being body positive and unashamed of their sexuality. One such artist whose doing it for the girls is anonymous Norwegian producer and singer curtains don’t crack, whose latest release ‘Hands Off’ is a track all about wanting to have fun in a relationship without becoming serious. Wavering synths, shuddering beats, and vocoder laden vocals are interwoven to create a hazy and enveloping soundworld as CDC makes sure she gets exactly what she wants. Enjoy. (And HANDS OFF all you creepy men. You suck!)

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