Ghita ‘Mindfvck’

Last night we reached peak laziness when my boyfriend and I dragged our TV and playstation into our bedroom so we could lie fully horizontal and play games. Is this the behaviour of well-adjusted adults? No. Was this a last-hurrah of student living? Maybe. We met at uni, and the first couple of years of our courtship was spent lying in bed playing video games and watching Storage Wars, only rising for bathroom breaks and munchie trips to the corner shop next door. It was a kind of disgusting, awful existence, but at the same time, it was kind of nice. I think most people go through a stage of hedonistic bone-idleness  when they move out of their parents’ houses – coming to the realisation that you can eat ice-cream for breakfast if you want to is as profound as any romanticised coming of age film where Michael Cera plays the dorky yet loveable lead. Now that we have both begun careers we look back on these days with  fondness and a little sadness – after all, it was a blessed existence, save for our less than sanitary living conditions (mice infestations are rife in London student housing). When you start working full time , you begin living for the weekend and taking up such unsavoury adult tasks like prepping your packed lunches on a Sunday and unblocking bathroom sinks. You may even purchase a food processor. Before you know it, you’re watching Antiques Roadshow, having early nights, and giving up alcohol for Stoptober – and then that’s it, you’re a grown up. Your best years are behind you and you join all the other grey half-people in their slow but inevitable march towards DEATH. Waking up at 4 in the afternoon and watching trash TV all day is  a sweet distant memory- but dig a little deeper and you’ll remember how awful it felt to be fully nocturnal. How gross your student digs were. How annoying your uni friend’s dramas were. I think it’s fairly clear that I am undecided on whether I want to be a grown up. All in all it’s a bit of a mindfvck – which neatly leads me to today’s Track Of The Day, a cool little pop number from LA musician Ghita, called (you guessed it) ‘Mindfvck’.  Featuring stuttering marimba-like synths, chilled out percussion, and Ghita’s accomplished vocal. Lyrics are confrontational and honest, perfectly encapsulating an on-again-off-again relationship. Enjoy.

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