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Dolls ‘ Armchair Psychiatrist’

It’s been a bit of a lonely week. My boyfriend has been working long hours on a film set, so I’ve had a some time to myself. I don’t envy him; 5AM starts aren’t exactly appealing, especially when the mornings are becoming so chilly. Last night I watched three episode of Doctor Foster in a row, and went to bed feeling decidedly weirded out – I won’t discuss any spoilers here, but suffice to say it’s a doozy of a series finale. I also spent a good couple of hours trying to track down the names of old  educational CD roms I used to play on way back in the 90’s, slowly allowing myself to be sucked into a vortex of childhood nostalgia and kitsch Microsoft graphics. Soon enough, my brother and my dad were on the case, and between us we’ve found two so far – it’s interested how an image or a soundtrack from one of these games can suddenly bring a whole torrent of memories flooding back. I’m sure many armchair psychiatrists could infer a lot from the kind of memories these activities re-ignite (in case you hadn’t noticed, that was a rather elegant segue into the bit where I write about music). ‘Armchair Psychiatrist‘ is the latest single from garage-pop superstars Dolls, a gloriously sassy number featuring swinging groove-laden guitar riffs and punky dual vocals. Hypnotising and full of raw grunge energy, the duo’s latest offering comes with a gritty new video, plus a host of live dates this autumn. If you want to catch them live, head to The Shacklewell Arms tonight, or catch them at Hackney Wonderland next weekend.

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