New kids on the Killing Moon block SHE released their first single ‘Body Talk’ earlier this month. We sat
down with them to talk first singles, movies, and synthetic love:
KM: Tell us about how you first started writing music together.
S: When we first met, we had a lot of energy to burn but the art of songwriting was a skill we needed to develop as a collective. Coming together as a group of people, whilst getting to know each other, forming new friendships and trying to be creative all at the same time was weird but exciting too, like that awkward kiss you move in for when you’re on a date. A bit hesitant at first but ends up being awesome and then you wondered why you didn’t do it sooner. We sometimes wish that we’d met when we were even younger and then maybe we would have established our sound sooner and banked even more songs but we’re great believers in fate and everything we’ve been through so far has laid some decent foundations for our music and given us a strong platform to showcase what we’ve got to give.
KM: “Body Talk” carves a strong sonic identity with electro-pop and indie influences. Was it an obvious choice as your first single?
S: We’re inspired by so many different bands, old and new. Through our individual influences we have been able to explore different genres and strengthen our songwriting skills beyond our previous capabilities. This has meant that we’ve been able to create some really interesting sounds and dart along musical paths we haven’t been down before. Body Talk was one of the very first songs we wrote and I think it will always be a favourite amongst the band because it marks the start of new beginnings for us as a group of musicians and also there’s a certain nostalgia attached to it that reminds us of why we do what we do together. We’re really proud that this track is the first taste of what the band has in store for the future.

KM: How have your past musical projects contributed to SHE? Was it a case of careful refinement, or more of a radical shift?
S: We were at a point in our musical careers when we knew that if we were going to grow as a band and still enjoy performing, we needed to step up and deliver something really special. A lot of thought went into SHE but at the same time, once we started rehearsing and putting tracks together, the process of getting our act together sped up quite quickly. It came at the right time for us as a group and once the demos were off the ground we got a real taste for our sound and it became more and more infectious. The more we wrote, the more we wanted to rehearse and the more we rehearsed, the more desperate we became to get on stage and throw this out for everyone to enjoy with us. We have our sensible moments when we have to take a step back and get lost in thought before jumping into any big decisions but when we know its working, its difficult not to get excited and pick up the pace. Our previous musical projects needed a fresh lick of paint. They needed refining to get it right and make this work but saying that… SHE has also been a pretty radical ride so far and has definitely been a change of scene for us… in all the best possible ways.
KM: The lyrics to ‘Body Talk’ are all lines taken from the film Her. Why do you think you connected so strongly with the film?
S: It’s one of those films that seems absurd when you read the blurb on the back of the box but it really speaks to me in terms of societies use of modern technology and social media. There’s such a cloud over us as human beings about what is socially acceptable now and how we should or shouldn’t interact with each other. So much so that everyone is now so consumed by the media and their phones that sometimes we forget how to live without devices in our hands and screens in front of our faces. ‘Her’ really made me think about how easy it is to form such enormous expectations of online relationships and how as society the judgements now seem to manifest towards those meeting real people in real life. They are the rare breeds and the virtual world has become its replacement. The new ‘norm’. Thats really sad but also weird and interesting all at once. The film was a really subtle portrayal of the demise of a man who invested so much time in a voice behind an operating system that he forgot how to live without it. It’s those kind of oddities that infect my thinking from time to time and its those thoughts that usually manifest into songs. Thats where Body Talk came from. The need to understand what I’ve seen, interpret it, relate to it and spit it out in the best way I can – to music.
KM: How did blending the mediums of film and music affect the creative process? Do other creative disciplines usually inform your songwriting?
S: I love films. Even the really shit ones. They give you so much to talk about. We often get together as friends, have a beer, shove a movie on and whilst we watch, our opinions will unify and from time to time divide as well; which is brilliant because its through those debates you really get in insight into how different people view life, even when its on a big, shiny, screen. Films give you an instant window into worlds you may or may not have seen before. Its a front row seat on the inside of someones mind, different to your own, and naturally over the course of your viewing you start to compare yourself to the actors and characters you see. It’s the imagery in ‘Her’ that gave us the tools to write BODY TALK. The music for the track was down and ready to go but lyrically, the inspiration was building all around this particular film. It was directors choice in colour scheme and the script itself that just made everything so easy we it came to writing lyrics for the track. It came together so quickly that it just worked. Film isn’t something we consciously turn to as a band for inspiration but when we enjoy something, I think its just natural for us to write about it. Whether something we experience personally or something manufactured by other creative individuals, it’s just a go to response for us to want to get off our chests and get into the studio. Its a therapy for us, I guess and its really cool to watch it go full circle and turn itself around from being a fleeting thought to a whole song. Its all part of the creative process and thats pretty awesome to us. That makes us love what we do even more.
KM: What’s next for SHE?
S: Live shows! We’re at our best when we’re on stage. Hit us up online and check out where we are. We’d love to hang out and play some music for you.



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