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American Wolf ‘Intertwined’

October has crept up on me big time. I feel like my brain is in a pickle jar somewhere in August and my body is slowly trudging through the seasons without me – maybe because I spent so much of September in other countries.  It’s starting to feel cold, and the backup hoodie I keep in the office is getting a lot more wear these days. Of course on the tube it’s still high summer – tunnels are muggy and carriages are oppressively hot, the discomfort heightened by the piling in of many sweaty, suit clad bodies. This leaves me a bit of a sartorial dilemma – do I dress for the weather outside and arrive at work pink faced and with sweat patches, or do I brave the cold in a t-shirt and arrive unflustered? Neither has worked so far. Some people (cardigan enthusiasts) would say ‘wear layers!’. Well let me tell you now, that nobody looks good trussed up like a great big woolly turkey, and no outfit has ever been improved by the addition of a (shudder) pashmina. Perhaps I should invest in a pair of those cargo trousers that unzip below the knee (or above if you’re feeling frisky) that Lake District dads wear on hikes. Anyway, as I’m sitting here huddled into my coffee, I’m listening to the new single ‘Intertwined’ from Chicago based musician American Wolf. Sweeping synths, mellow guitar riffs and soothingly repetitive vocals swim amongst a jazz-infused electro soundscape. Reversed guitar chords harmonise with ascending piano scales and bluesy improvisations, with sampled voices drifting in an out of the mix like fleeting memories. Beautifully crafted and introspective, this is perfect listening for some reflection at the beginning of a new month.

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