PREMIERE: WILLIAM. unleashes new single ‘Behave’

I’m starting to feel the sense of impending doom that comes with the onset of a cold. I can’t explain it, but it feels like my body’s systems are slowly shutting down, and by Monday, I will be a shivering, sniffling husk of a human. People tell me that I catastrophise, and maybe that’s true. Happily, it’s Friday, and most of my day will be spent at the relaunch of The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes, which promises to be both fun and informative (I have been promised fairground rides, vinyls, and drinks, what more could a girl want?). Also boosting my mood today, is the new single from WILLIAM. aka Tommy Hill, who some of you may remember from our New Moons Vol. VIII compilation album this summer. ‘Behave’ is an atmospheric piece of indie pop with jangly guitars, raw percussion, and Hill’s triumphant, reverb-soaked vocal soaring above the mix. Leading us to more experimental realms is the psychedelic guitar solo in the final bars, adding a retro feel to an otherwise throughly modern piece of music. Enjoy.

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