Fenne Lily
“Three Oh Nine’

Every morning, my cat listens for the slightest indication of stirring, and promptly jumps on the bed to wake us up. Most mornings I open my eyes to see her face pressed up against mine, mouth contorted in a yowl (that’s her way of asking for her breakfast). She usually sticks around while I pretend to ignore her in the hope of sleeping a little longer, purring and kneading the pillows, walking all over my boyfriends sleeping body before sitting on his chest in an act of pure defiance: I own you. She’s right – we absolutely dote on her, spending most evenings trying to coax her onto our laps or dangling a bird toy on a string in front of her face until she leaps into action, legs spring loaded and claws sharp. I talk a lot about my cat, on here, to friends, to strangers as an icebreaker – I guess I am slightly obsessed with her, but in the best possible way. When I’m at work I miss her. Is that really weird? I think because I have to stay out late tonight I am feeling it even more. So, today’s Track Of The Day is a fittingly melancholy piece from Bristolian singer-songwriter Fenne Lily. Her new single ‘Three Oh Nine‘ features rigidly strummed guitars that give way to softly plucked arpeggios, with rambling bass lines and subtle percussion providing the track with a rhythmic backbone. Wavering vocals are drenched in haunting harmony, however they are most effective when Lily quietly pleads ‘please don’t leave’ – perfect listening for when you’re missing your kitty (or, an actual human person). Enjoy.

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