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Honey Lung ‘Stuttering Mind’

Another day, another great band bites the dust. First Wild Beasts called it quits on Monday, and then I wake up to the news that Tall Ships have also decided to part ways. I was particularly saddened by the news about Wild Beasts; whilst I didn’t exactly love their last album, their first three were the soundtrack to my late teen years, providing a much-needed bit of musical escapism from the stresses of GCSE exams and the perils of the International Baccalaureate. Their second album, Two Dancers, all Northern swagger and bookish charm particularly struck a chord with me. Put simply, I hadn’t heard anything like it before, and that appealed to me immensely. One band I am happy to say have definitely not split up is Honey Lung, who have just released brand new single ‘Stuttering Mind’. Featuring meandering guitar riffs and rolling drums, the new track is a sublimely reverb-laden offering from the London alt-rockers. Distorted vocals add an otherworldly effect to the fuzzy soundscape, as catchy hooks and burgeoning chord progressions lend a hint of pop sing-ability to the single. Enjoy.

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