So Below ‘Ruin’

I got back from Canada yesterday at midday, following a long, largely sleepless flight. Whilst the jet lag has well and truly wreaked havoc on my mind, body, and soul, the trip was so worth today’s fugue. I met so many wonderful, inspiring people out there, and got to see some really great bands, as well as checking out Edmonton and getting a taste for Canadian life. The trip also represented the final nail in the coffin of my struggle with imposter syndrome – yes I was the youngest there, and the least experienced, but nobody saw me as less worthy of being there and contributing to the conversation. If anything, I have learnt to see my relative youth as a positive thing, something to be celebrated even. Being there made me realise that I do deserve a seat at the table, and that any feelings of inadequacy I had been harbouring were largely in my head. Despite my positivity about the whole experience, I am struggling a little today with the return to normality, and the only thing that’s keeping me from sleeping at my desk is the new single ‘Ruin‘ from New Zealand electro pop wonder So Below (AKA Madeline North) . An absolute pop banger, the track features distorted synths, pounding dance drums, and chattering samples, artfully woven together beneath North’s heavily processed vocal. Glam, gothic, and utterly gorgeous, this is the perfect track to get you out of that afternoon slump. Enjoy.

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