‘[SHE] perform as if their lives depend on it’ – Brum Notes

”Body Talk’ is as smooth as it is sensuous and madly infectious’ – Glam Glare

‘[Body Talk] is a slinky slow-burning number propelled by rousing baselines, slick guitar work and a powerhouse vocals’ – Born Music Online


On the surface, SHE are fresh out of the box. Their debut single ‘Body Talk’  has bounced from the studio with all the energy needed for an electronic pop make up and they are ready to hit the road to showcase their tracks to the music scene. But truth be told, this project has been a long time coming. Between them, band members Rebecca & Robin Davies, Simon McCoy, Edd Duffell and Ricky Hill have a few years worth of experience, under various guises and pseudonyms, all of which has led them to this very place.

Taking inspiration from the likes of HAIM, Fickle Friends, and Foals, SHE have managed to craft their own unique brand of indie pop, ranging from cool and collected numbers to energetic toe tappers and lively, fist pounding bangers.

Debut single ‘Body Talk’ is an achingly cool electro-pop track with shuffling beats, mathematical guitar riffs and smooth 80’s synths, providing an immersive sound world for lead singer Rebecca’s husky vocal to soar above. Inspired by the film Her (starring Joaquin Phoenix as a man who falls in love with a computer), the band said this of the track:

‘All the lines are from the characters in the film. Body Talk is ironic because ‘Her’ is a body-less being…no body language at all!’


This is only the beginning for SHE but they have put in the leg work and are ready for the race. With punchy guitars, swirling synths and haunting harmonies layered over 80s inspired drums; you need to keep your eyes and ears on SHE.



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