It’s bloody freezing in Edmonton today. There’s something really jarring about it being this cold in mid-September, but it’s sunny at least for the first official day of Breakout West. The jetlag is slowly but surely easing off, coming now in waves rather than the constant feeling of tiredness that makes you feel slightly out of it in the first few days. Right now I’m sat in my hotel room listening to the new EP ‘Bodies‘ from London duo GØSPEL and looking out the window at the city slowly waking up as everyone in the UK prepares for their day to wind down. Formed by Beth Anderton-Allen and Chris Willsher, the duo’s new EP signals a move away from their more balladic past, and a new venture into upbeat electro-pop, with brooding synths, energetic percussion, and cascading bass lines. First up on the EP is title track ‘Bodies‘, a slow burning opener with gently rolling guitar riffs and masterfully layered vocals, all melding together to create an intense and brooding sound world. ‘Your Thought’s‘ takes the EP to the realm of dance, with husky vocals soaring above the electronic mix, adding an emotional intensity to the track as chattering synth arpeggios and oscillating bass drones combine create a constantly shifting soundscape. Also on the new EP is an intriguing cover of Billy Idol’sWhite Wedding‘, in which the duo take the song to darker, softer depths, with chorus heavy guitars and chilled out percussion. Having just played an EP launch show yesterday at Dalston’s Birthdays, it looks like the only way is up for this achingly cool electro pop outfit. Enjoy.

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