Luna Shadows ‘Tokyo’

I’m in Canada for Break Out West at the moment, and although I have only been here for less than a day, I am loving it. The hotel is stunning, I have a king sized bed (you could fit about six people in it comfortably…not that I am planning on doing so), and everyone here is extremely friendly. Any nerves I had about not making friends has gone out the window, and despite being six hours behind UK time, I am feeling surprisingly well rested. All in all, life is good right now. Today’s Track Of The Day is a rather fittingly travel themed offering from Los Angeles musician Luna Shadows. ‘Tokyo‘ is a sublimely crafted slice of electro-pop, with wavering synths and glitchy beats providing the bedrock for Shadows’ hook-tastic pop vocals to soar above. Japanese themed keyboard riffs cascade amongst the electronic noise, melding crystal clear melodies with cool digital disturbance, making this track an absolute treat for the ears. Enjoy.

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