Miss World ‘Put Me In A Movie’

TGIF. I hate office-y clichés like that, but I really mean it today. You’d think going on holiday would make you feel well rested, but in actuality, all the travelling and the post-holiday catchup has made me more tired than ever. Planes suck, cars suck, and trains really, really, suck (thanks Chiltern for my two hour journey to work this morning) and all I want to do is get into my bed and never leave again. Travelling is romanticised as glamorous and exciting, which is often is, but when your squatting over a plastic bowl trying to squeeze out a wee and ignoring the fact that you are in a fragile metal box hurtling 39,000 above the ground, it doesn’t feel quite so chic. I guess the antidote to that is to whack on a pair of outrageously wide sunglasses and stick your headphones in to block out the noise of crying babies and the endless ‘bants’ of drunk lads-on-tour. If you do that, I would like to recommend Miss World’s (AKA Natalie Chalal of Shit Girlfriend) Put Me In A Movie, taken from her debut EP ‘Waist Management‘, out now on PNKSLM records. With sugary sweet vocal harmonies set against fuzzy distorted guitars and haphazard drumming patterns, Chalal personifies a shallow party girl through her acerbic and witty lyrics. Melodies are pop-tastic and delightfully saccharine, and just hook-y enough to ensure you’ll be singing this all the way to the airport.

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