Midnight Sister ‘Blue Cigar’

Since the first ‘talkies’, music and film have been deeply intertwined, from the sweeping orchestral compositions of the classics, to the liberal use of pop songs in the 80’s, to the electronica inspired subtleties we here today. However, music and cinema exist together outside of the realm of film scores and sound effects; they inform each other, with directors taking inspiration from musicians, and vice versa. Sometimes these relationships are obvious, for example, R.E.M’s ‘Imitation Of Life‘ (based on the 1948 film of the same name), however many are far more subtle. Who knew that Aerosmith’sWalk This Way’ was inspired by Young Frankenstein (1974)? This is something the creative duo (comprising Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian) behind Midnight Sister know all too well, as they meld Balouzian’s flair for classical composition with Giraffe’s interest in films, cooking up nuanced lyric narratives on their latest album ‘Saturn Over Sunset’. Particularly good is ‘Blue Cigar’, an intriguing combination of disco, 60’s style doo-wop, and experimental pop, with a touch of film-noir coolness thrown in for good measure. Enjoy.

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