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Annie Hart ‘Hard To Be Still’

I’ve just returned from Italy, and in a week I’ll be off to Canada. I’m starting to feel very antsy – I’m ready to go and have some adventures. Italy was a double adventure, because it wasn’t just a holiday – I went to see my parents new home in Tuscany and scoped out whether it will be suitable for my future holidays (it’s a yes from me). I haven’t got a bedroom there, but I guess that’s part of growing up – on this holiday I shared the front room floor with the dog. I’ve been listening to Annie Hart’sHard To Be Still‘, a synth pop gem from one third of Au Revoir Simone, taken from the new mini-album ‘Impossible Accomplice’. Rolling beats give the track a kinetic urgency that is only heightened by the use of retro 80’s synths and cascading arpeggios that float above the mix like little jewels. Hart’s lightly multi-tracked vocal comes across as natural and unaffected, giving this otherwise digital track a little breath of analogue emotion. Enjoy.

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