Lndfk ‘Souleyes’

Mood: 2016 Neo-Soul

As a studier of the ambiguously titled field of study “Music Cognition and Perception,” I often think about not only the music itself (its ebb and flow composition, its snug vocal harmonies, its bubbling synths), but also the affect which it imposes on us, its subtly forceful emotional wizardry, shoving us from one valence to its exact converse within the confines of an 8-bar phrase.

A central affectual component of music that we, as egotistically indulgent introspective humans, continually broach is its referentiality. How, music, like a transient whiff of your grandma’s perfume, can suddenly throw you back into the past, into a child-sized swing within junglegymmed parks of a hot August summer.

For me, Lndfk‘s ‘Souleyes’ is a referential mishmash of anachronistic yet symbiotic sentiments – its tight jazzboi synchronicity and erudite silences reminiscent of Boston’s wonderful hyperintellectualism; its environmental smidges homaging close-listening sound studies; its sultry softspokenness foregrounding quiet smiles and honest eyes within my mind’s wanderings.

Listen to Tunisia-born Paris-based groove-coronated Lndfk with her smooth 2016 single ‘Souleyes’

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