gobbinjr ‘Firefly’

Haywire analog synths, optimistic melody-shrouded disillusionment; rhetorical self-mockery, rejection of the mainstream. These are a few of my favorite things!

My name is Lana and I’ve re-entered the Carmina Burana-esque Wheel of Fortune that is higher academia. As it goes, the university-rich scene of Boston is filled with a hodgepodge of academic focuses, encompassing every major point on the liberal arts – pre-professional spectrum- take the music schools’ prodigies, the technicals’ hands-on masterfulness, the business’ practicality and the liberal arts’ funky personalities and you get one bustling music scene. Add in Allston’s single-family-home-topia and slews of cycling punks, and you’ve got one lovely assortment of cult-inspiring DIY venues.

Coming back from a summer in London, I’ve returned to a Boston that’s changed… The universally beloved Track Shack is no longer; Berklee-born Bay Faction has played its Goodbye Boston show; countless venues and bands have lost central members to the tenacious clutches of DC/LA/Montreal… yet it is not a starkly debilitating negative, we are not in the red. Rather, we are simply in a time of change- a time of uncertainty, not just of figures and venues and of course the tunes, but of morale, of mission, of identity.

Listening to gobbinjr’s “Firefly” on repeat hearkens quite aptly to these changing times- in questioning the genuineness of our sphere of the human race, and in contemplating personal enactment of change.

Meditation on Brooklyn-based lo-fi, reaching existential enlightenment through insect-based animorphism – if that’s not new-new age, I don’t know what is.

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