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Men I Trust ‘You Deserve This’

The Killing Moon fam are off to Reading Festival tomorrow, to let down our hair and watch head of the household Ach do a little DJ sesh on the Festival Republic stage. We also have a few Killing Moon/New Moons artists playing both Reading and Leeds this year, including Fizzy Blood, Ginger Snaps, and Honey Lung, so we are pretty excited about that. Also (confession time), I haven’t actually been to a festival before. That’s nuts right? That someone working in the music industry would live to the ripe old age of 23 before going to a festival? You’re right, it is nuts, but quite frankly I haven’t been able to afford it before now. So I am having a slight wardrobe dilemma – how to dress warm, but not to warm, but also really cool but not like I made an effort? And shoes! I need to buy some shoes I don’t care about getting wrecked! Anyway, I am chilling out today before the inevitable chaos of tomorrow, so I am listening to ‘You Deserve This‘ by Montreal based trio Men I Trust. Built upon layers and layers of jangly guitar and enveloping synths, the track rolls and builds, ebbing and flowing like waves on a beach. Languid bass lines and retro keys nod back to 80’s pop, whilst dreamy vocals keep the track feeling current and very ‘now’. This is perfect listening for an indulgent candlelit evening on your own – what you get up to is up to you.

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