Brand New ‘Can’t Get It Out’

We’re back in business! In case you hadn’t noticed, the blog’s been down for the last few days – I’m sure you’ve missed us a lot. I’ve spent the majority of that time on my own; my partner is in on holiday until Sunday – then we have one day together before he’s off on his travels again. I’m saving Game Of Thrones for his return because I am the best girlfriend ever, and watching an episode of a series you watch together without the other partner is tantamount to cheating. Being on my own has been okay – sometimes I don’t do that well on my own, but I think I’m coping pretty well. I’ve done a lot of yoga, I’ve watched a lot of great TV, and I’ve spent a lot of time with my cat, who has become weirdly clingy since he left. She’s taken to following me into the bathroom every time I go – even if she’s asleep, she wakes up, jumps off the bed, and sits at my feet…when I’m done she goes back to whatever she was doing before. Cats are weird I guess. Anyway, I’ve been staying in touch with my better half while he’s been away, and he actually recommended today’s Track Of The Day – and who am I not to indulge him? After a nine year hiatus, Brand New are back with a new album ‘Science Fiction‘, blindsiding the music industry and long-standing fans alike with the surprise release (although many of us had our suspicions). Never ones for snazzy marketing campaigns, Brand New have always floated in and out of the public consciousness, releasing music when and how they choose, eschewing exclusive premieres or music videos. One track that particularly stands out from the album is ‘Can’t Get It Out‘, an emotional slow burner about struggling to see the good in anything, with grungy chord progressions, jarring vocal harmonies, and wailing guitar riffs creating a transcendental wall of sound. Full of dark self-deprecating humour and stark lyric writing, this track will drag your inner emo out the closet you locked it in when you were 17. Enjoy.

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