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daisily ‘i made up a key for our madeup apartment’

I’m kind of sad today. My boyfriend has gone on holiday, and due to my own busy calendar, we won’t see each other for around three weeks (well, there may be space to squeeze a few hours in somewhere, but even that is a point of contention). With the prospect of two weeks alone in the flat (except for cat-kins of course, who incidentally pissed on the bed this morning in protest of dear boyfriend’s departure), I have found myself wondering how I will spend my evenings and weekends. Will I take up swimming again? Maybe record some music? Have some much needed pamper time (which usually consists of painting my nails and smudging them, then taking them off in a fit of rage, and putting on a face mask that burns my skin)? As with all shitty things, I have to try to view this time alone as a positive thing. A chance to reconnect with myself, with my mind through creativity, and my body through yoga and swimming (and with my heart through RuPaul’s Drag Race). When you have time alone, or you are missing someone, you start to long for the trivial moments you shared together – laughing at Austin Powers movies late night on Netflix, ramming trolleys into each other in the supermarket. Suddenly these trivial things don’t seem so trivial anymore. They are profound, as important as the first time you met, or the worst fight you ever had. Producer, Daisily knows all about this judging from their Facebook biography:

‘do you know that feeling? that one where you remember something trivial as something more than that? these can be good or bad—mine being mostly the latter. the time i said the wrong answer to a question in fourth grade gym class. there are more. these times where i missed an ought along the way, one that is retrospectively obvious…

as i said, though. there are good ones, too. daisily is reminiscent of these. it’s an ongoing representation of the garage in which you and your dad worked on model rockets together, that shoebox of unsent and saved letters you found when cleaning your house for the first time in years after your mom wasn’t available for that anymore (for one reason or another. yours being different than mine.) really, it’s a thought space. on the internet, this manifests as an abstract expression of a common human emotion.’

One Daisily track that embodies this feeling particularly well is ‘i made up a key for our madeup apartment’. With gently rolling synth keys, hazy guitars, and shuffling beats, the lush sound world is masterfully overdubbed with samples of Patrick Stewart’s voice from an episode of Star Trek. It should be unbearably geeky, but the tasteful handling of this sample means that it transcends any semblance of cringe, and becomes, actually, incredibly moving. Enjoy.

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