skirts ‘night walks/in love’

I’ve started doing yoga more regularly again. Having squeezed in a very late night session last week and spending the next day feeling lighter than air, I decided that it is very much worth setting some time aside a few times a week to stretch out my limbs. Last night I did just that, and after a challenging session sat on my bed and chatted to my boyfriend whilst chugging a whole bottle of water. At that moment, my cat darted into the bedroom, and as her little paws tip-tapped on the wooden floor, I knew something was up, and I watched in horror as she started dragging her backside all over my brand new ocean-blue yoga mat and deposited a little turd right in the middle of it. Right where I put my nose during downward dog. My boyfriend chucked a slipper in her direction, but it was too late: my 24 by 68 inches of zen was besmirched with the remnants of her afternoon meal of chicken chunks in jelly. This is why we cant have nice things, I wailed at her. She stared up at me with a bemused look of innocence in her big green eyes – ‘why are you shouting at me?’ she wondered – ‘this is my gift to you’. Thanks Ethel. Thanks a million. Anyway, in an effort to reclaim some form of zen I am listening to ‘night walks/in love‘ by bedroom pop genius Alex Montenegro, AKA skirts. Cushioned by a bed of gently rocking synths, muffled drums, and dissonant guitars, vocals are almost whisper-like in their quality, with devastating lyrics like ‘I can’t help but to miss you /So I try to cry to sleep / But I keep putting my hands where/ You used to sleep’ epitomising the bitter-sweetness of missing somebody. Enjoy.

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