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Johnny Kills ‘My Shirt Guy Is High’

After a washing-up related meltdown last night, I have come to the conclusion that I need a holiday – and my trip to Italy can’t come quick enough. Physically I am fine, but I am frequently finding my eyes glazing over as I look at my laptop, a sure sign that I need to stop looking at it for a while. My back is also suffering having stopped regular yoga sessions, only squeezing in sessions where I can – deep, cavernous clicks in my lower back when I turn in my chair is a pretty good indication that the Shavasana (corpse pose) I fall into every night isn’t quite cutting it. I guess a lot of my discomfort is to do with struggling to fall into a structured routine – there is something so terribly, heart-achingly boring about getting up at the same time every day, getting the same busy commuter train, and later, running for that busy commuter train to stand amongst sweaty men in too-tight suits, all vying to get home and fall asleep by midnight. What happened to the good old days when my time was completely my own to (largely) waste? It’s a funny kind of complaint, and I’m actually pretty lucky to work in an industry that means my job does vary quite a bit from day to day. Still, I need to find away to make these routines more inspiring. One band who knows all too well about the drudgeries of life is noisy pop trio Johnny Kills, who have just released a new single ‘My Shirt Guy Is High‘, in which they coyly moan about being bored. With fuzzy guitars, dirty lo-fi drums, and self consciously plaintive vocals that propel this garage-surf rock band into the very outer edges of the pop sphere. Gloriously whiny, and more than a little flippant, this is the perfect tune for anyone who is feeling a little bit fed up on this sunny Thursday afternoon.

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