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Speed Skater ‘Punching Bag’

It’s a big day at Killing Moon – we have just released our brand new compilation and we’re putting on a launch show tonight to boot. Whilst we are very happy to finally have the compilation out (after all it has been a work in progress for around 3 months now), it’s safe to say we are a little bit stressed after spending much of the weekend and this morning tying up loose ends in preparation for today. But, much like the sun is beginning to peek out from the clouds over Camden, so is my sense of optimism that maybe, everything will actually be sort of okay? In fact, with every sip of tea (and contemplative bathroom break), I feel more and more that things will be more than okay – tonight’s going to be great! To get me in the mood for a busy night ahead, I’ve been listening to ‘Punching Bag‘, the new single from Bristolian DIY rockers Speed Skater. Thrashing guitar and distorted drums provide a lo-fi backdrop to Bert Clark’s wavering vocal as he bemoans a damaging relationship that he can’t quite leave, but definitely can’t continue. Reminiscent of whimsical garage rock bands like The Unicorns and Sunset Rubdown, this is the perfect track for when life makes you feel like a punching bag. Enjoy.

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