Gotts Street Park ‘Control Feat. Grand Pax’

It’s really weirdly dark today – the sky has blackened like an over-charred marshmallow and we are all sat in the office drinking wine. Why? Because it’s Friday, that’s why. Also, our lovely cleaner Maria brought us some leftover booze from her daughter’s wedding. But mainly Friday!  I think it’s safe to say, that after two or three weeks or near non-stop working, we are all extremely ready for the weekend and all the cosy duvet-diving, snuggly TV-watching it brings. I’m pretty tired as it happens, having been rudely awakened at 4am by the sound of my cat scrabbling around the flat at breakneck speed, chasing a ball/mouse/leaf/[insert fun cat object here] and sliding on the laminated floor into walls and doors. It’s become a fairly regular occurrence actually, joking to my partner that the devil has possessed her whilst secretly being scared that maybe she genuinely is bewitched by some demonic fiend – not hard to believe when she stares, transfixed at random spots on the wall for far longer than is socially acceptable. Scientists (pfft) have explained this away as a result of cat’s superior sight and hearing skills and their natural curiosity, but I know she is looking at ghosts. Either way, living with what is technically an untamed animal means that occasionally, you will have to put up with some wild behaviour. Anyway, today’s Track Of The Day is a chill one from Leeds based collective Gotts Street Park. With tumbling bass lines, lazily strummed guitar, and delicate keyboard accents, this cinematic soul track features velvety jazz vocals from Grand Pax, making this the perfect song to take you into the weekend. Enjoy.

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