Jeremy Squires ‘Remnants’

Praise be to offices with casual dress codes. Today I waltzed in wearing the unbearably soft joggers I slept in last night, feeling smug in my comfortable cosiness. I few yeas ago I worked in a Blackheath estate agent, where we were expected to wear blazers at all times, and women were ‘required’ to wear heels between 2-4 inches in height. This was obvious discrimination, and it took only one day of hobbling around in some hastily purchased shoes for me to give up and slip back into my trusty flats – looking back I wish I had kicked up more of a fuss about it, but I guess I was just grateful for a job that didn’t require balancing searingly hot plates on my arm and serving appetisers to groups of drunken yuppies. I am not the first, and sadly will not be the last woman who will have to sacrifice comfort and personal style for the sake of a middle aged man who likes to see his female employees teetering around the office in pencil skirts and prim (but not too prim) cardigans. Why not light up a smoke and smack my arse while you’re at it? Anyway, I’m just happy to not be in that environment anymore, and instead to be in an environment where nobody looks down on my comfortable clothing choices on a cold rainy day like today. As I’m writing this it has actually started pouring outside, which is why I’m glad I came across some perfect rainy day music in the form of Jeremy Squires‘ ‘Remnants‘, a single taken from his latest album ‘Collapse‘. Saturated with religious simile (a throwback to Squires’ grandmother’s devout Christianity), the track features simple slide guitar with piercing harmonics lending support to Squires’ southern drawl. Sombre and reverential, this track is perfect listening for any dreary day.

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