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Soliterre ‘Champions’

I went to Helsinki this weekend to see my friends get married. The ceremony was beautiful, and it’s safe to say there were many tears shed, by both the brides and the guests as they walked down a makeshift aisle on the small island of Unisaari. They said their vows against the backdrop of the sea crashing against the rocks, bickering seabirds, and the hushed sniffles of the wedding party. Helsinki was wonderful; the streets are clean, the people are friendly, and the weather was surprisingly good. Each night we retired to one of the parents of one of the brides’ apartment, where we collapsed on their tastefully dishevelled sofa and watched Friends on Netflix (Netflix UK, you need to up your game). Today’s Track Of The Day would actually not be out of place on one of the earlier episodes of Friends, with its chorussy guitar riffs and bass heavy drum machines. ‘Champions’ is the new single from Soliterre (AKA Adam Wozenek), taken from his buoyant new album, ‘Double Life’. Cascading melodies and falsetto choruses are overlaid by ironically nerdy rap segments, until the track gently fades out like so many great 80’s and 90’s hits before it. See you in Central Perk.

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